Sun Ohn Yee


Li-huan Leafking, son of Xuangzang Leafking.

The story begins at Eternal Wind Peak, after 1876 years passed since the Unbalancing occurred. Li-huan was born in the year of the Dragon, and important sign to a leader’s son. Zi Morningdew`s the latest wife of Xuangzang and mother of his 4 sons, died giving birth to
Li-huan. From his first years of life he always stayed next to his father, playing on his back or trying to copycat his Tai Chi Chuan or even hearing his father giving advice about some pandaren or elven life.

The first memory that he could recollect clear from his mind was the Day of the Blossom, at his seventh year of life. His father gathered every member of the Kuang Clan to the temples garden and performed the ritual. This ritual was a way to celebrate their ancestors and the great Jade Dragon, it also is the ceremony that decided the new Wanderers.

The night was clear, mostly because of the paper lanterns and partly by the Aurora Borealis, so typically at this time of year. The Eternal Wind people danced and played their part at the ceremony, the elders were beside Xuangs father. Kids played throughout the courtyard, even the young adults still had their innocent games. The artist made masks, paintings, paper Mache toys, played their instrument and performed their plays on stage when it was proper.

At high night Xuangzang got on stage and performed the Dance of the Dragon. This dance was a mixture of elements and martial arts, the courtyard was gradually falling into the Dragon trance and the Aurora cast its lights upon the stage. With every arc and every strike the Leafking was drawing on the very existence. After a time the drawings became real and started to dance as Pandaren spirits on the fabric of the material world, each spirit had the color of the Aurora. The dragon trance became the people and the spirits grew in size and in material.

The spirits transformed into the seven holy animals: Dragon, Monkey, Tiger, Horse, Rat, Ox and Rooster. Each holy animal flew of the stage hovering over the Pandaren folk and their elven guest. The hours passed and each member of the Eternal Wind stopped in the trance, bewildered by the ritual, even the old elven folk that had already witnessed it. The animals begun to descend and entered seven of the children amidst the crowd.

Monkey as a prankster, playfully spun 5 times and entered an Elf child;

Tiger as a hunter, pounced himself in a Half-Pandaren of the Guardian sub-clan;

Horse trotted himself down in front of a female human child, and entered her;

Rat split himself in two and entered a different gender half-pandaren twin;

Ox charged himself inside a Human child servant of the Guardian sub-clan;

Rooster nobly entered a half pandaren of the Honeybrew clan;

And Dragon just stopped in front of Xuangzang and twirled himself around the Leafking patriarch. Each twirl showed the coloring of his reptilian scales, it was a Jade Dragon, one of the holy dragon cohorts. And when he straightened himself above the Shodo-pan, he dashed toward Li-huan and lifted the boy off the ground. Binding his soul to the young prince, as burst of greenish light illuminated the sky.

The Ritual had ended and the new Wanderers would be trained by Xuangzang himself. Each family rejoiced for the blessing giving by their ancestors and the Jade Dragon himself.

Sun Ohn Yee

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